Welcome Advertisers, we offer a variety of ways to get your affiliate offers exposed!  The most simplest and immediate are by creating an Affiliate Directory Listing(s) and or Banner Slots.


One is by creating the most effective webpage with high level SEO urls.  Yes you will have your own store or spot if you will, on our site.  This is where you will mirror the vendor’s page (like what you see here or this other) and use creative affiliate URL cloaking to protect your link, allowing clients to purchase the product they wanted and you get paid your rightful commission!

Affiliate Banner Spots

The other way is to purchase banner spots via PayPal.  These spots are strategically located in different areas of the site for maximum exposure and CTR!  Get them while slots are available!  Once you purchase the spot or spots, they go live immediately!  Note: If you don’t find a banner size that meets your needs then send us specifics, and we will create it for you!  Your success if ours!!!

OohAds Affiliate Directory Benefits

  • SEO Rate High: All banners are pulled through AJAX and use redirection so your SEO score is kept high.
  • Banner Preview Feature: We offer banner preview, in that advertisers can preview their banners on website before purchasing/publishing.
  • Banner Rotation: Most banners spots have several spots within them (1-3), so we can rotate several banners within the same spot without page refresh.  This helps you the Advertiser later once the site starts to become very occupied with affiliates.
  • Banner Statistics: Advertisers receive statistics (number of shows, click(s), CTR).  This helps with placement of your next ad.
  • Your Banners Displayed on 3rd Party Websites: We have the capability to show banners on 3rd party websites, this function is “work in progress”.  If you know of worthy websites, let us know and if they allow us to insert spots you will earn a FREE spot for 30 days!